Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring Favorites

Hello, so I have been wanting to do a favorite post for awhile now. Like since last year, that's sad. So without further adieu. Here are my (beauty) spring favorites!
I want to do a monthly favorites at the end of the month every month. I'm not sure if I want to do separate posts on beauty favs and more random favs, or just have that be one post. But this time I'm just going to do beauty/girly things!

Get excited!

So the first thing is this Love Express rollerball perfume. I have worn this so much over the past few months. The scent is a bit floral with fruity and vanilla hints. It kind of reminds me of Viva La Juicy, but a little bit more floral. I can't stop smelling myself when I put this on, it's amazing!

Glitter nail polishes I have been loving and obsessing over glitter nailpolishes lately, I have a few more glitter nail polishes these are just some that I grabbed quickly.
(Left to right) Revlon-Radiant,Milani-Silver, Spoiled-Trust Fund Baby, Spoiled-I Have No Reception, Sally Hansen-Disco Ball.

I think I found my new favorite nail polish for spring/summer! It's official. I got this picture from a blog because the pictures I took didn't show anything near the original color. This picture doesn't even show the real color, but it's as close as it I'll get. Island Coral is a true coral color, it's not too pink or beach, it's just the perfect coral. 

My favorite eye look has been Maybellienes 24 hr cream eye shadow in Bad to the Bronze, then Revlons Nude Slip over top. It's a neutral look that isn't really shimmery but more satin looking with a little bit of metallic. Which I think is perfect for summer.

For some reason when I wear any mascara it always seem to flake off almost right after I apply it. But the L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof mascara stays put on my lashes. I will put a light coat of it on before other maracas and they don't flake. Which I am ecstatic about because it's so annoying to put on your mascara then have it all flake or smudge off. 

I didn't take this picture because the one I took didn't show the true color so goggle images came to the rescue!
Revlons Strawberry Frasie id such a pretty and bright pop of color for spring and summer. I love this color so much I want to wear it almost everyday. It's  for sure one of my all-time favs. Now in the tube the color looks really glittery, and in person it looks REALLY glittery. But don't let that fool you. One you put it on your lips you can't even see the glitters/shimmers at all because the color is so opaque. (Did I mention that?) This color is really opaque, which is something I love, my lips are naturally more darker and when I'm looking for a lip shade of any kind I like for it to be opaque, otherwise it looks like I'm wearing nothing. 

I have been loving the Dove bar soaps, some days I take 2 showers a day, (usually when I have to wake up early) and I would use the soap for more moisture. I know this product has been around for awhile but I've never really use it for some reason, but now I kind of want to use up the rest of my other body washes and use just these. The're that good!

For my last favorite are of course the most worn things I've been wearing! This picture doesn't even do the colors justice, but I'll explain them. So the pinkish one is basically a light pink scarve with gold threading all throughout the scarve and it's has a chevron pattern that's plated(?) I don't really know the term.  I found myself wearing this scarve way more than I though  I would. It's so pretty and girly! 
The yellow scarve is a bright kind of canary yellow. I. Love. This. Scarve. It is so lightweight and long, I think it's 6 ft tall because I've held it up over my head and I'm 5'9. I love the fact that it's long. I love it's brightness. And what's really surprising is that I've worn this scarve with so many different outfits.  I just love this scarve. 

Well that's all for my spring favorites! 
Bye :D

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