Thursday, December 15, 2011

I love Pinterest

Hey people!
So I've been wanting so share with you guys my love of pinterest because I LOVE pinterest. I think pinterest is seriously one of the best websites ever made. 

Before you continue on with reading go follow me!

Did you do it? Good!

(a few pins from "my style" board)
One of the reasons why I love pinterest is all of the fashion related pins on it, I have gotten so many outfit ideas. 

Use  a straw to keep your necklace from getting tangled.

Hual strawberries with a straw

(from my "good idea"  board)

Pinterest has soooo many solution ideas. You always find absolute genius solutions to little problems.

(from my "Funny Stuff" board)

Pinteres has the funniest pins ever, if I want a good laugh I'll look at the humor category and see whats funny. 

These are just  a few things from my boards. I hope that you went and followed me, I'll probably follow back.

It's 1:41 right now.

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