Monday, October 4, 2010

start small finish big part 2

so i am so glad to say that we are done with the room well not completely but theirs still some stuff that we do need todo. i'll do a list
walls painted:check
floor down:check
molding up:check 
furniture in:check

so we still need to hang up some pictures n things on the walls, and repaint a bench and glider and a desk and side drawers, oh and sand the bench, desk and drawers. and hang up the curtains and because the windows aren't the average size windows my mom has to shorten them but we got some sheers ready made so shes not having to make them from just fabric, and we don't know if the sewing machine works so we need to see if it works first otherwise we'll just buy one from walmart but still. 

before: so dark so ugly so dated

the desk...duh

the floor...duh

After!!!  the shelves we got at guls a local store that has 2nd hand stuff, kind of like goodwill. i want to have baskets with stuff in them so it looks more organized and doesn't look scattered. mo way were leaving that stuff their.
     mom n paul lovin the new room i think she likes it, it's actually her "room" like where she can go to do stuff idk what she is going to do, but i guess she'll do some stuff.we're going to repaint the glider a dark brown so it doesn't look so lawn furnitureish [it's a word] and replace the cushions sad *sarcasm.  i want to get a couple floor pillows for the back and have a foam piece cover in fabric for the bottom with a couple throw pillows.
 the desk/office space [haha] i think it's sound more official to call it the office space. we're going to repaint the drawers n desk we got the chair at lowes for $15 the drawers n desk we've had forever.
the shelves we put boxes we have tools in and a few other randoms that we don't want seen wee going to put a curtain up so it is unnoticeable but sitll easy to get that duck tape i mean hammer n nails when you need to hang that picture up.

so yeah we still do have a bit todo but this is the fun part!!

geeze i need to go to bed it 2 am!

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