Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my black christmas tree

ekkkk i just love my black christmas tree! 
okay so every year i pretty much have the same thing tree wise so yeah. i got the tree at kohls i wanna say 3 years ago...i think. they still have them i see year after year in the store the also have pink and white too..just saying.

since i don't have too much floor space in my room, i have to put it on my trunk/side table thing. it's a good way for me to not pile it up with tons of junk necessary items.

the small gold balls are from walmart the snowflake ones are from a dollar store, and the star is from walmart.

i picked up a few of these white ornaments at dollar tree aren't they gorgeous!

love the sparkly flure de les ornament. i got it from hob lob.

these ones i took at night hey just look so much better.

the silver snowflake came from bath and body works.

and there it is at night. i'm sorry i seem to be hurrying my battery power is getting low n i wanted to post this so thanks for looking!!

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